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Finance and Banking System Development

We rely on our technological expertise and specialized industry experience to develop any type of web, mobile, desktop, and hybrid app for banking and financial business requirements. From concept to code, development to deployment, we provide custom IT solutions that accelerate workflows, optimize operations and boost revenues.

Our Services

- Custom Application Development
- API Integration
- IT Security
- Infrastructure Support
- QA and Software Testing
- IT Services SLA

eCommerce Solutions

We provide a full suite of services for companies across a variety of industry verticals. Our developers have unmatched experience in fetching the ways to explore and utilize features to build a competitive eCommerce portal for business. We help customer build more user-friendly and responsive e-commerce store through holistic eCommerce solutions.

Our Services

- Agile Software Development
- Digital Commerce & Marketing
- Digital Integration
- Outsourced Product Development
- Platform Modernization
- Professional Services
- R&D Labs
- Technology Consulting
- Testing & Automation

Web and Mobile Development

As a custom web development company, we offer the best development solutions utilizing multiple platforms. Our versatile web and mobile development services leverage the full strength of these systems to provide computing power, enhanced graphics, robust security standards, and greater performance. Our custom web developers have the programming expertise and the industry-specific experience to build it quickly, efficiently and in perfect alignment with your vision.

Our Service

- Web Application Development
- Mobile App Development Services
- Enterprise Web Apps Solutions
- Full Stack Web Development Services
- Web Portal Development
- Animation & Graphic Web Design Solutions
- Web Integration Services

Cross Platform Solution

Our software and hardware engineers know how to program on the driver, firmware and operating system level. We build connected devices and implement web, desktop, and mobile apps. We can also create complex end-to-end technical ecosystems, including IoT and cloud solutions.

Our Service

- Custom Software Development
- Embedded System Development
- IoT Solutions
- UX/UI Design
- Digital Transformation
- QA Testing
- Maintenance and Support

Project Management

We provide agile implementation services, using proven methodologies and schemas to ensure the most efficient, cost-effective delivery of applications to end users possible. Our team uses documented best practices for installation, configuration, build server packaging, pre- and post-deployment testing, project governance, rapid troubleshooting, and system integration.

Our Service

- Deployment Planning Services
- Phased Implementation Solutions
- Continuous Deployment
- Post-Deployment Services
- Compatibility and Configuration Solutions


Our dedicated QA engineers understand that with the exponential growth and diversification of sensitive data, complex regulatory landscape and continued push toward silo-ing data sources by department, the risk for security breaches and IP theft has only grown. That's why we provide the most thorough QA and security protocol programming solutions possible.

Our Service

- Software Security Solutions
- Identity and Access Management
- Governance, Risk and Compliance
- Application Security Solutions
- Cyber and Infrastructure Security
- Security Testing Solutions

Research and Development

We employ a young, energetic team of professionals with a strong sense of teamwork, and a clear commitment towards research and development in IT and Energy businesses. Our scope of work includes research and development, design and engineering, operation and maintenance. Through this dedication, we are able to offer services that are reliable and sustainable for our customers

Our Service

- Feasibility Study
- Business and Technology Consulting
- Engineering Design Services
- Risk Management Consulting Services


CONNEXIST INDONESIA is a Private Company, established on 29 November 2011, as product and solution provider in Information Technology (IT) and Telecom sectors for government agencies and private corporation in Indonesia. The Company is domiciled in Jakarta, with areas of operations in Indonesia.

Leading provider of professional solutions and services in the IT and data platform arena.

Our expert is constantly learning and evolving, keeping our skills and knowledge up-to-date, ensuring customers’ business is in the best hands.

We’re engaging with millions of potential active users through nationwide communities and organizations that enable them to connect in fully digital service.

Corporate Vision

“Be A Leading World Class IT and Telecom Company that Wins Client’s Trust and Drives Company Growth.”

Corporate Mission

“Building strong, supreme and dignified human resources.”

“Implementing the proper and right good governance for IT and Telecom business.”

“Optimizing the value of the Company and contribution to the shareholders as well as social responsibility”


Gg. Bambu Kuning No.3B, RW.4, Cilandak Tim., Kec. Ps. Minggu,
Kota Jakarta Selatan, Daerah Khusus Ibukota Jakarta 12560

+62 21 799 1992